12 October 2013

We're nothing
first time i felt empty
first time i don't cry
first time i felt happy
first time i felt really can accept this all..

lastly im cry
lastly im lonesome
lastly im text him
lastly im want call him
lastly im try to be silent
lastly im really miss him
lastly im need him
lastly im want to meet him
lastly im want to hug him
lastly im want hear his voice
lastly im want him text me first like's before
lastly im want getback with him
lastly im want you back in my life
Finally I'd like us like before. often serious in a relationship.

I'm cry becouse of you, sayang..
For you MFHA..
I hope you can happy when without me..
Happy with new girlfriend..
I'm always support you from behind..
After this we're just friend..
Only friend..
Take care..